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100% Solar Powered Private Vacation Rental Bungalows in Joshua Tree, California

Never Owner Occupied!
Free Hi-speed Internet!

Call (909) 224-8626

“Close enough to LA for a weekend away, it will feel like a two week retreat when you book into Rattler Ranch. The way the desert has always lured the artistic and contemplative, your spirit will feel cleansed and nourished by the landscape. And for non-hermits, plenty of idiosyncratic action can be found in the town of Joshua Tree and its outlying satellites. The welcome’s warm, the water’s hot, the beds are great – get yourself out there!”

This excerpt is taken from Caroline Butler's forthcoming book "Scattered" about her travels around America. Read More...

Hawk's View' of Rattler Ranch

SOLAR FUN FACT Enough solar energy falls on the earth in one hour to provide over a year’s worth of electricity for the entire world. We at Rattler Ranch have installed a solar power system that provides over 100% of our electricity needs. We are so very proud to provide sustainable clean electricity for all of our guests.
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